Decklists and Archetypes in this exciting new format are in a constant state of evolution, and the metagame is in a constant state of flux! These are heady days, where a bold card choice or an overlooked strategy can be discovered and there are no established, dominate decks. The following list is culled from discord postings by brave new brewers and should not be considered authoritative. As the format evolves expect updates and more detailed descriptions, strategy, and advice.

Mono-Color Decks

Mono-Black Aggro      Brewer: Andrew

Mono-Blue Artifacts    Brewer: BWheeler

Mono-Black Control    Brewer: BWheeler

Mono-Black Aggro      Brewer: BWheeler

White Weenie             Brewer: BWheeler

RDW                           Brewer: BWheeler

Mono-Black Midrange Brewer: BWheeler

Mono-Green               Brewer: HyperMizutsune

Mono-Blue PP             Brewer: HD_Dabnado

Two-Color Decks

Izzet Control                Brewer: BWheeler

Blue-White Fliers        Brewer: Andrew

Blue-White Tempo      Brewer: Swampmist

Rakdos Aggro             Brewer: Blahguy

Black-Green Control   Brewer: JRandomHacker

Black-Green Midrange           Brewer: DrChillbrain

Boros: The Aggroing   Brewer:  McMenno

Vampires                     Brewer: BWheeler

Azorius Control           Brewer: BWheeler

Boros Aggro                Brewer: BWheeler

Orzhov Stax                Brewer: BWheeler

Boros Prowess            Brewer: BWheeler

Gruul Aggro                Brewer: BWheeler

Azorius Tempo           Brewer: BWheeler

Rats                             Brewer: BWheeler

Yes, It’s Tempo           Brewer:  Bl1ghtn1n6

Three Color Decks

Sultai Flash                 Brewer: BWheeler

Mardu Control             Brewer:   Tregelen

Bant Blink                    Brewer: BWheeler

Temur Blitz                  Brewer:  SlyTen674

Jeskai Superfriends    Brewer:  ThatOneEngie

Knights                        Brewer: BWheeler

Jeskai Control             Brewer: BWheeler

Mardu Aristocrats       Brewer: BWheeler

Dinosaurs                    Brewer: BWheeler

Sultai Vannifar             Brewer: BWheeler

Bant Ramp                  Brewer: BWheeler

BUG Reclamation       Brewer:  Bl1ghtn1n6

Temur Midrange         Brewer:  Bl1ghtn1n6

Jund                            Brewer:  Blahguy

Bant +1/+1 Counters  Brewer:  HD_Dabnado

Knight Tribal                Brewer:  Mathgeek

Jund                            Brewer: BWheeler

Four Color Decks

4c Aristocrats              Brewer: MrShambo

4c Storm                     Brewer: BWheeler

Dark Jeskai                 Brewer: Zoro

Five Color Decks

Niv-Mizzet Fires          Brewer: BWheeler

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